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From the very beginning of this project we had the belief about the services provided by SEOK and their noble goal. The only lack was their marketing and its management and we are really honored to be their representative in marketing sector. It had been a great journey for IMBD Agency to work with SEOK and achieve their aim with all required objectives within the time range stated by them. We worked from their website to digital marketing part to ensure the best result that can be extracted.

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Generated 11 positive replies in the first 5 days after the campaigns went live for a B2B SaaS company
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Abir Rahman

Former CMO, SEOK

A success to book more than 120% meetings is not only the achievement of ours but also IMBD’s. We are delighted to raise $100k average deal size after the handshake with IMBD Agency.

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Your Leadership

We lead you to obtain your marketing goal after discussion and essential initiatives. We make R&D and reports to make sure the workflow.
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We play role as your marketing representatives and always try to make sure to extract the best result from your business to develop it for you.
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Trying to stand on your brand? We have vast experience and are always planning out of box to execute the branding of yours smoothly.

What it's like to work with a growth partner?

Growth partners are available to assist you in expanding your company. There is complementarity; partners help one another. When it comes to digital marketing, growth partners who view themselves as members of the team rather than just a marketing business are more likely to link you with people and provide higher-quality work. Businesses that adopt this method of conducting business actively participate in strategy and planning about any aspect of your organization, not simply advertising.


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