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Our Story

10 September 2016 we started our journey with some energetic people. Now the number has grown with 26 awesome team members and we hope the number will be growing in the upcoming days. With this 5 years journey, we have worked with so many international & local businesses. From the very beginning, we were focused on delivering the actual value of our client’s business and that’s how our business has grown with their reference. Professional work with solid commitment is the major strength of our team.

Marketing is a major part of a business and we work on this challenging part. We have run so many growth experiments to ensure clients’ business growth. After conducting a huge number of successful marketing campaigns our experience has become an asset to us. Now we know how to grow a business through internet marketing.


Our Goals

Our goal is to establish a unique and highly effective online appearance for our clients. to achieve our targeted goal we are focusing mainly on 3 things.

Our Vision​

IMBD Agency strives to be and remain a hub of distinction in the creative and innovative internet marketing universe. It will gain gratitude nationally and internationally and will attract customers from all parts of the world.

“Our agency’s mission perfectly articulates why I started farsiight. I had a deep passion for helping grow brands I genuinely believed in, and a burning desire to build an agency with an ironclad reputation for operating with integrity. With special thanks to Creative Director, Phil Nobay, we’ve managed to put this into words 6 years later, our mission is Growth for Good.”


Shamim Ahmed
MD & CEO, IMBD Agency

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